Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sure, Make Yourself At Home

Poignant, haunting, and above all else tantalizing: Let Me In, in all its disturbing subtly, is everything a vampire film can and should be. Only a small handful of the great gothic storytellers in history have represented the metaphysical ramifications of vampires in any meaningful way; fewer still have comprehended their emotional import, misogynistic Mormon teenage "romance" authors obviously being no exception. John Lindqvist, however, thankfully belongs to the former authorial category rather than the latter, and both the Swedish and American adaptations of his work (scarcely distinguishable in either their setting or cinematography) do full justice to his vision. Let Me In is a near masterpiece of horror not because it is "scary" but because it is truly, deeply, and memorably unsettling. If you let this one in, it's doubtful you'll be able to let it out again.

Arbitrary Numerical Rating: 9/10

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