Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"Skazoosh" - You Can't Unsee It.

Kung Fu Panda 2 trades its predecessor's stronger villain (and let's face it, what foppish peacock was ever going to be as badass as breaks-out-of-the-world's-deepest-darkest-prison-with-nothing-more-than-a-feather-and-the-sheer-essence-of-awesome Tai Lung?) for a tighter script and faster pace. In many ways - mostly good ones- it's more of the same: more laughs, more gorgeous renderings of Fantasy China, and more kickass kung fu choreography. In some cases - thank God - it's less; a notable decrease in the number of bowel-related gags, for instance (I only counted two this time around).
In other words, it's that rare sequel worth seeing - and from DreamWorks Let's-See-How-Deeply-Through-the-Dirt-We-Can-Rake-Our-Best-Loved-Franchises Animation, no less!

Arbitrary Numerical Rating: 7/10

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