Friday, March 30, 2012

In Memoriam Lamia

In celebration of the Year of the Last Twilight Movie So Help Us God, I have decided to brave the annals of vampiric film lore for a retrospective of every notable vampire film in history. I utilize the notability qualifier (which will be determined by a precise historic metric, i.e. my whims) primarily because there are at least two hundred films ostensibly about Dracula alone and, by one liberal estimate, over two thousand vampire movies in general. I will begin by launching this saga with Nosferatu, the infamously unlicensed Dracula pic generally revered as the great grandaddy of them all, and will conclude my journey with the upcoming trainwreck-in-motion Dark Shadows by former director Tim Burton.

And no, I will not be reviewing any of the Twilight films for this retrospective. They have been done to death, and I don't care if you forgive the pun.

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