Saturday, April 29, 2017

Micro Review: Night in the Woods

Game: Night in the Woods
Infinite Fall, 2017 (PC version reviewed)

Night in the Woods is slow. And long. Most of the first half is tedious legwork lacking in meaningful choices. And then the game opens up to become beautiful and mournful and challenging. Very adult even though it’s about a person who is very much a 20-year-old child. It’s about loneliness. Friendship. Depression. Self-obsession, self-hatred disguised as narcissism and affected infantilism as defense mechanisms. Decay of community. Economic despair and the crushing effects of capitalism. Nihilism. Crises of faith. Hope in the face and nihilism and crises of faith.

You would probably not guess that from the aesthetic:

I don’t know if I can recommend it, except to the extremely patient. It’s hard to say whether any degree of narrative payoff is worth 5-8 hours of scene-setting. But having gotten to the third act I’m very glad I kept playing.

Liked it.

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